About Vidium

A world where pets’ lives are not limited by disease.
That is what drives us.

A new way.

By informing veterinarians and pet parents about which mutations are causing their pet’s cancer to grow and spread, we intend to open up the use of precision medicine to combat canine cancer in new and more effective ways.

Vidium is dedicated to unravelling the genetic components of common and complex diseases, including cancer. As a result, the practice of medicine targeting these conditions can be more rational, more precise and more personal. Our focus is on shifting paradigms in cancer treatment to enable cures for cancer and other serious diseases in pets through programs at the intersection of personalized medicine and comparative genomics.

Our mission.

Advancing understanding of disease and treatment to give the pets we love the fullest lives possible.

What we believe.

  • We believe that when pets win, everyone wins.
  • Do good science that does good.
  • All of us are smarter than any of us.
  • Be a good human, sometimes you can be a hero.
  • It is our individual weirdness that makes us a better team.
  • We challenge the impossible.
  • Our science is unimpeachable.

Who we are.

David Haworth, DVM, PhD


Dr. David Haworth joined Vidium when it was still a dream and with his help, it became a reality. David’s 20+ years in the Animal Health industry make him the expert guide and navigator of our team’s ship for the overall efforts of the animal health business.

Prior to joining Vidium, David was president of PetSmart Charities in the US and Canada, and before that the CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. He spent time as a Director of Global Alliances and a Director of Research and Development at Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis). He holds DVM and PhD degrees from Colorado State University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Colorado State University’s Flint Cancer Center.

David’s Labrador Retriever, Bridger, was diagnosed with a stage 2 (high) mast cell tumor in 2019 and became SearchLight DNA™’s first client. With these findings, Bridger’s Veterinary Oncologist was able to choose a treatment course that has Bridger swimming, chasing birds and barking at the mailman without even knowing he has cancer. Bridger enjoys long walks in the Arizona desert and sunset swims with his Dad.

William Hendricks, PhD

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

As Vidium’s Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Will Hendricks stands at the helm of our humble ship and guides the team through the uncharted waters of veterinary precision medicine. Aspirational, thoughtful, and rooted in the core belief that science should be both transparent and unimpeachable, Will’s approach to serving the veterinary community guides overall research and development efforts.

Dr. Hendricks maintains an Assistant Professorship in the Integrated Cancer Genomics Division at TGen, where his research led to the development of our inaugural assay. Before joining TGen in 2013, Will was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where he trained with founders of the field of cancer precision medicine, including Drs. Vogelstein, Papadopoulos, and Kinzler. He has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a BS from Arizona State University, and a BA from Grand Canyon University.

Will and his family rescued their dog Jake in 2017 and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Jake is one of many Hendricks pets that fuel Will’s drive to provide a better future for pets everywhere. But Jake doesn’t know that. All Jake knows is that zoomies after bathtime and burying hot dogs in the front yard are his favorite pastimes, and he couldn’t be a happier, more lovable dog.

Katie Banovich

Director of Operations

As the engine propelling this ship forward, Katie makes sure the team has paddles, lifejackets, nets and anything else they need to be successful. Operating under the firm belief that our pets deserve access to the best medicine that science can provide, Katie leads business and marketing efforts steered towards widening that access for all pets.

Prior to helping start Vidium, Katie was Business Development Operations Manager for Tgen, a position to which she brought 14 years of operational and marketing experience in advertising, working at industry giants such as Ogilvy & Mather and Moses Anshell. Katie has a BA from the University of Arizona.

Katie is a new Dog Mom, having welcomed Copper home in early 2020 as a 7 week old puppy. Copper is a labradoodle who loves jumping on the table at dinnertime and loudly greeting neighbors that pass by “his” window. He is the fastest puppy in the neighborhood and loved by all who meet him.

The future of pet cancer care is here.

By analyzing the DNA of your pet’s tumor cells, Vidium’s SearchLight DNA™ can inform your veterinary team about what mutations might exist within that tumor, what is driving the tumor’s growth, and what treatments might be effective to help make your dog well again.

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