SpotLight™ ePARR for veterinarians

SpotLight ePARR is a highly accurate and rapid molecular diagnostic test for canine lymphoma.
Grounded in unimpeachable science, SpotLight ePARR answers the critical need for rigorous validation of molecular diagnostics.

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What does SpotLight ePARR do?

As a rigorously validated test, Spotlight ePARR delivers much-needed information to veterinary oncologists, inspiring confidence in decision-making to enhance the care of pets. SpotLight ePARR is setting new standards for quality and transparency in molecular diagnostic testing.

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How SpotLight ePARR is used clinically for canine lymphoma cases

Suspected Lymphoma Case
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Equivocal cytology or biopsy results
Submit FNA slides or FFPE samples to Vidium for SpotLight™ ePARR assay
Clonal expansion (Likely lymphoma)
No clonal expansion (Reactive/inflammatory)
Flow cytometry/IHC supports B vs. T phenotype
Use same samples to run SearchLight DNA™ assay and gain the most complete genomic profile possible for this cancer case

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What is the efficacy of SpotLight ePARR?

SpotLight ePARR shows strong performance for discrimination of lymphoma vs non-lymphoma, B-cell lymphoma vs non-B-cell lymphoma, and T-cell lymphoma vs non-T-cell lymphoma. In a study of 181 dogs, SpotLight ePARR demonstrated accuracy of >90% for FNA and FFPE samples.1

SpotLight ePARR delivers a high degree of accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity across diverse sample types, including air-dried, fine-needle aspirates; formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues; and flow cytometry pellets.1

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When will I receive the results of a SpotLight ePARR test?

Vidium will deliver results in 5–7 days, providing you with the results you and your patients need, when you need them. We also offer exceptional customer service, fully supporting you in your mission of delivering extraordinary care to your patients. Our clinical diagnostics team is readily available to provide support in acquiring samples from pathology labs and interpreting test results.


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Can I order both a SpotLight ePARR and SearchLight DNA test from a single sample?

With its dual offering of SpotLight ePARR and SearchLight DNA, Vidium makes it easy to gain greater diagnostic insights from a single sample. If lymphoma is suspected, a SpotLight ePARR test is conducted. If the results come back positive for either B-cell or T-cell lymphoma, a SearchLight DNA test can then easily be conducted from the same sample. SearchLight DNA identifies important cancer mutations to provide additional diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment information to guide the care of your patients. Learn more about the sample types that are appropriate for this combination.

Histo 4 Fine Needle Aspirate

SpotLight ePARR

is ideal for ruling in or out the suspected diagnosis of lymphoma in cases of equivocal fine-needle aspirate (FNA) results. In these instances, SpotLight ePARR can often confirm the diagnosis of lymphoma.1

References: 1.   Ehrhart EJ, Wong S, Richter K, et al. Polymerase chain reaction for antigen receptor rearrangement: benchmarking performance of a lymphoid clonality assay in diverse canine sample types. J Vet Intern Med. 2019;33:1392–1402.