Genomic case profiles

The following case profiles highlight how SearchLight DNA® provides greater clarity about the behavior of your patient’s tumor and delivers the most up-to-date information on treatment options.
SearchLight DNA® Reveals BRAF Point Mutation: Remmy
  • Remmy, a vibrant young Doberman Pinscher, had a mass along the hard palate that was histologically identified as a poorly differentiated neoplasm.
  • A SearchLight DNA test revealed a BRAF point mutation, suggesting sensitivity to multiple targeted therapies including trametinib.
  • In Remmy’s case, SearchLight DNA was able to give a therapeutic indication based on a mutation identified within the tumor, even though the mutation is usually associated with other tumor types.
  • Remmy’s tumor experienced significant shrinkage with trametinib, and Remmy did not have any side effects associated with this drug.
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SearchLight DNA® Guides Treatment Planning: Nira
  • A 10-year-old golden retriever named Nira was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma. After completing an initial course of radiation therapy, medical treatment with cobimetinib was started based on literature suggesting the tumor could bear KRAS and PTPN11 mutations, which are associated with response to cobimetinib.
  • A SearchLight DNA test revealed the absence of KRAS or PTPN11 mutations along with the presence of a mutation that suggested cobimetinib resistance. The treatment plan was switched to only radiation therapy and sirolimus.
  • In Nira’s case, SearchLight DNA provided valuable data that informed her treatment plan.
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