As a veterinarian, you know that diagnostic testing can help inform your patients' clinical management. But knowing how and when to search for those diagnostics can be daunting. The genomicists, oncologists, and pathologists at Vidium leverage the latest science available to partner with you and guide you and your patients on the cancer treatment journey.

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SearchLight DNA®

Our flagship test, SearchLight DNA is an extensively validated, next-generation diagnostic test that checks for 120 relevant cancer genes. SearchLight DNA identifies important diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers to advance the care of pets with cancer. It is the most clinically applicable and scientifically validated genomic-based diagnostic test available. Discover how SearchLight DNA can provide insights into a cancer’s origin, its behavior, and the optimal approach to treatment.

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Specialty Pathology Services

Our on-staff pathology team is comprised of veterinary pathologists whose extensive experience and expertise in oncopathology provides you with results you can trust to make informed treatment decisions. Our pathologists are always available for consultations. The team is led by:

  • Derick Whitley, DVM, DACVP
  • Barb Powers, DVM, PhD, DACVP
  • Jeffrey Edwards, DVM, MPH, DACVP

We offer comprehensive anatomic and clinical pathology services to guide the diagnosis and management of both small and large animals. The same sample submitted to pathology services can be used to conduct a SearchLight DNA™ diagnostic test, saving you time and money and adding another layer of information to your patient’s sample.