SearchLight DNA™ for Pet Owners.

You love your pet and want to do everything you can to give them the best life possible. We are right there with you. Together with your veterinarian, we will uncover the mutations driving your dog’s cancer to help guide its diagnosis and treatment planning.

Genetic testing and your pet

Consider talking to your veterinarian about genetic testing and how it may help inform the treatment decisions made by you and your veterinarian. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the temptation to rush into anything with the potential to help your pet. But, we also believe that treatment decisions are best made in collaboration with your trusted veterinarian or veterinary oncologist. Please consult your veterinarian before placing an order. We would be happy to provide you with more information to help guide your discussion.

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Share this information with your veterinarian to find out how SearchLight DNA™ can help your pet.


What will SearchLight DNA™ tell me about my pet’s cancer and how can I use this information?

SearchLight DNA™ identifies mutations in 120 genes that are associated with cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment based on published scientific studies about dog and human cancers. Vidium’s knowledge database, which is routinely updated as new data is published, includes more than 2500 such associations. These mutations can thereby provide veterinarians and pet owners with information to guide individualized treatment planning.

How can I order a SearchLight DNA™ test?

The first step will be to discuss SearchLight DNA™ with your veterinary team to see if it is right for your dog. Your veterinarian can order the test or, if you agree the best course of action is for you to order the test directly, you can place your order on this page. Click the "Place Order" button. A sample of your pet’s tumor will be taken at your veterinarian’s office and sent to Vidium’s lab. Your pet’s tumor may have already been biopsied and sent to a pathology lab for diagnosis. Vidium can also coordinate with pathology labs to receive a sample. For more details, please see the How it Works page.

What does SearchLight DNA™ cost?

SearchLight DNA™ costs $1000.

When should I expect to pay for the test?

Once your sample's DNA has been extracted and checked for quality, you will be sent an invoice and request for payment through our secure payment portal. Payment must be received before a report can be delivered.

How do I get a copy of my pet’s test results?

The results of your pet’s test will be sent to your veterinarian, and they will discuss the results directly with you.

Why is the report sent to my veterinarian and not directly to me?

Vidium is a part of your veterinary care team. We work with the other team members to create the most complete picture of your pet’s cancer possible. By providing your veterinarian with the genomics information in the report, we are helping them understand all the treatment choices and potentially unlocking new options for you and your pet. You and your veterinarian are on this journey together and Vidium is here to support both of you.

How long does it take to get the results?

Results will be sent to your veterinarian in the form of a report 9-12 days from the time Vidium receives the sample in our genomics laboratory.

The future of pet cancer care is here.

By analyzing the DNA of your pet’s tumor cells, Vidium’s SearchLight DNA™ can inform your veterinary team about what mutations might exist within that tumor, what is driving the tumor’s growth, and what treatments might be effective to help make your dog well again.

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