View the clinical evidence supporting the use of Vidium’s diagnostic tests.


Example 3
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. 2019;33:1392–1402

Ehrhart EJ, et al. Polymerase chain reaction for antigen receptor rearrangement: Benchmarking performance of a lymphoid clonality assay in diverse canine sample types.
This study describes the performance (accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity) and rigorous benchmarking of a PARR protocol (ePARR) in
clinically relevant samples.

Example 4
Poster presentation at the Veterinary Cancer Society 2020 Annual Conference; 2020

Wong S, Warrier M, Byron S, et al. Design, analytical validation and diagnostic yield of a novel canine cancer gene sequencing panel.
This conference poster presentation details the validation process for SearchLight DNA.

Image (5)
Presentation by Dr. Guannan Wang at the Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference 2021

A Survey of Canine Cancer Genomic Biomarkers Based on Structured Literature Review, Meta-Analysis, and Comparative Genomics

This presentation shows how Vidium Animal Health constructed a canine cancer genomic biomarker database through systematic review, meta-analysis and harmonization of cancer mutation data from canine and human sources.


Presentation by Dr. Esther Chon at the American College of Veterinary Medicine Conference 2022

Tumor Genomic Analysis for Diagnostically Challenging Cancer Cases

Explore the clinical utility of genomics in diagnostically challenging oncology cases. Genomic Analysis with SearchLight DNA can provide valuable diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information in over 80% of these cases.