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Please pay close attention to the Specimen Type question below. Shipping information is customized to the specific specimen type so accuracy here is important.

Shipping labels are provided for small boxes weighing under 3lbs or batched shipments of smaller specimens only. Batching of multiple cases in the same shipment is encouraged!

For large specimens (amputated leg, large spleen, etc), please follow Vidium’s large specimen submission protocol. Clinics are responsible for shipping costs for specimens weighing more than 3 pounds. As batching of samples for shipping is encouraged, the 3 pound limit is for one single sample. Batch shipments may have a total weight over 3 pounds and still use Vidium’s shipping kits and labels. Please see our Large Specimen Submission protocol for further instruction.

If you are sending biopsy specimens from multiple patients in the same box, keep them separate by placing the jars and Order Card from each patient together in a sealed bag and then into the box. You may send cytology samples from as many patients as you like in the same envelope. Keep each order separated by placing all slides and the Order Card from each patient in a sealed bag and then into the envelope.

Do not ship biopsy submissions in cytology kits and do not combine cytology slides with boxes containing formalin jars as the fumes can impair cytology evaluation.